Trouwzaal District Antwerpen – Felixpakhuis

Nada ensures newly married couples get a green start by decorating the wedding room with a unique work of art. In Antwerp you can marry inf ront of the largest moss wall in Belgium. It is a unique location to say yes!

Concept: Getting married in front of a big eye-catcher in moss with a direct link to the District through the integrated 3D city emblem and city skyline.

Technical Specs: Moss wall of 12m x 2.5m in different types of moss and with gradual colour transitions of reindeer moss. To the right of the wall is a section worked out in Natural and Urban Jungle, on the left the moss work starts with an enlarged ‘A’ in multiple level differences for extra dynamics and depth.

“From July 1, 2017, residents of the Antwerp district will no longer marry on ‘Schoon Verdiep’, but in the Felix Pakhuis in the Old Medieval Rui. The new wedding hall, with specially designed moss wall, was “tested” for the first time on Monday. It was students from Musica primary school who got married, in the presence of district councilor Filip Deckers. ”

Gazet Van Antwerpen