About moss

Reindeer moss is a lichen that is picked by hand with respect for plant and environment. The plants originate from sustainable cultivation in reserves to undermine predatory cultivation. The process to stabilize the mosses is completely ecological. Mosses never cause allergic reactions in people and are experienced as soothing and pleasant. We combine Reindeer moss, Lapping moss, Bol moss and Lichen in our projects.

The product

Mosmuur is the only sustainable and local producer of moss walls, at the fairest price on the market with the highest quality and finish.


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The origin of the moss

All the moss or lichen that we use comes from government reserves in Norway. The moss is harvested in a responsible way, no damage is done to nature and the moss grows back again. After this, it is prepared in an environmentally friendly way by means of a biopolymer coating. This way our moss walls remain beautiful and natural for years.


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