What does it cost ?

Use this handy calculator to calculate the (target) price for your project. Do you also want a picture of the end result? Our designers like to make a customized simulation or design. Ask for the possibilities. Looking for a nice moss frame? Be sure to check out our permanent store collection at the top of the menu for distinctive boxes in standard sizes at smaller prices and fast delivery times.

Moss wall calculator - calculate the price for your project yourself

Mosmuur specializes in translating your company image or logo into an eye-catcher of greenery and moss. If you would like to have your logo or text processed in your project, please send us a vector file or pdf so that we can propose a customized design or simulation that meets your expectations.


Smaller panels (up to 50cm x 70cm) and moss frames in various sizes and styles can be found in our permanent shop collection. At the best price and available from stock or within three weeks. For the very best deals and promos you can check our sales page. Here we offer unique pieces that were made for fairs, pop-ups, showrooms or temporary events and that deserve a new home with you. If you still want to opt for customization, you can use the following tool.


Do you have any further questions or do you want to discuss your project in detail? Then you can always reach us via info@mosmuur.be.


Moss types or styles from which you can choose

Our various types of moss are pictured

Do you have specific wishes for the content, colors or color transitions, do you wish to have a pattern or illustration processed in the wall, or would you like to make other combinations? We are happy to help you. Inquire about the possibilities.


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