We can answer all your questions during a visit to our concept store, the moss workshop or our new showroom. You will also find inspiration with an experience of our products and projects. In our store 'NADA' you will find smaller moss frames and decorative moss objects, you can place orders and collect them and explore a unique collection of products that bring the green into the home. Are you an architect or interior designer or are you interested in a larger moss wall? Then we would like to invite to our new showroom, just around the corner, where we can take in the unique views, explain our show models, and go over your project with a cup of coffee.

NADA – Mosmuur Conceptstore

Lange Koepoortstraat 10-12
2000 Antwerpen – België


0032(0)3 501.51.15

BTW BE0556762182




Tuesday – Thursday: 10:30u – 18:30u
Friday: 11:00u – 19:30u
Saturday: 10:30u – 18:30u
Sunday and Monday: closed


De Hangaar


Hardenvoort 17 2060 Antwerpen

Only for collecting moss works on appointment


The Beacon

Showroom & Meetingcenter

Tolhuis  Sint-Pietersvliet 7 –  7fl.  2000 Antwerpen

Only by appointment

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Ask a representative

We like to collaborate with our customers. That is why we like to make time for a site visit where we can go over proposals, present samples and, if necessary, measure them. Based on the photographs taken on the spot, we can then make a simulation of your project or, if necessary, a customized design. This way you can get a good idea of the intended end result before we start. Our team consists of experienced project managers and executors, graphic designers, cabinetmakers, interior designers and an architectural designer who draw up an expert proposal together. Inquire about the different options and rates.

Delivery and placement by the moss wall team

If you want to be sure of a perfect end result, we recommend having the placement done by our experienced employees. This way you also avoid any damage caused by transport. Our project coordinator will contact you about one week before the installation to discuss the installation process with you. If possible or desired, a site visit may be appropriate. In this way we will never be faced with surprises later on and everything can be done quickly and qualitatively, after all, good preparation is everything. The placement of larger walls is always done by two employees. Larger panels are attached to the existing surface or wall with impact plugs, nails or screws, directly against the back wall or against a wooden skeleton. The seams and edges are carefully finished on the spot. Our employees only go home when you are 100% satisfied.

Acoustic research

A disturbing resonance or reverberation is often a very annoying but invisible presence in a room or space. An echo or sound reflection can easily move through bare walls or ceilings. In modern architecture building materials that contribute to this problem are unfortunately being used more and more often. In a working or living environment optimal acoustics are therefore important for productivity and comfort. If you have doubts about the effectiveness of our acoustic panels, our local sound engineer can carry out measurements and comparisons on the spot, so that you can compare the difference ‘before and after’ on the basis of surface simulations.

Request samples or color chart

If you wish you can also request samples of moss and frames from the shop to show to your customer or to test at home. We ask for a guarantee and apply a loan period, usually 14 days. You can also request our color chart and informative brochure by mail or via the form below.

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