Artificial Greenwall

When it needs to look almost real and you want to save on price, energy, water and maintenance, go for our Plantic Waste products. Ask for our 'real' artificial plants made from recycled raw materials as a solution for a sustainable and REALLY greener world. The plants are extremely realistic and often indistinguishable from natural plants. Available for Indoor & Outdoor applications.



At NADA, we like to think along with you about ways to contribute to a greener future, and to meet the ecological indifference of our generation and business world.  One of our projects is the ‘Plantic Waste Project’, where we reuse our own waste. Instead of stabilizing real plants for use in green walls and decoration, we consciously choose artificial greenery with a high quality and realistic finish. Nobody will notice the difference in detail, but the difference in waste and the ecological print is big. And that’s what we like to come out for: yes, as a sustainable, green company, we choose plastic.

  • Perfectly acoustic – no light, water or maintenance required
  • A realistic effect through qualitative planting – combination with real green possible
  • Lots of dynamics and height differences
  • Very low weight – portable
  • Protective coating against discolouration and UV
  • Available in different combinations and atmospheres
  • Plants are a unique eye-catcher
  • Recycled plastic is not flammable
  • Tailor-made design is perfectly possible
  • Can be indoors and outdoors
  • Dust repellent and easy to clean 

Make each space attractive to visitors or residents by placing a plant wall. The contact with nature, the beautiful shapes and the green colour have a positive effect on our mood. Everyone feels better in a natural environment. Unfortunately, the use of real plants is not always possible or profitable. For short projects, events, exhibition stands and temporary decoration, an artificial wall can be a perfect sustainable alternative. 


Our plant walls come in various current themes: Jungle, Desert & Airplant, Fern Fest, French Flower and Urban Jungle.  For more colours, please ask our representative for a colour card or some samples. You can also make your own composition.