'Bark wall' - 100% bark or cork for a rough look & feel or an accent with bark in a 'Modern Moss' panel - a panel of reindeer mosses in which an abstract combination of colours and shapes is made in the studio itself in combination with natural materials such as tree bark, cork or raw wood. Modern moss' is a reference to modern art, so each work is unique in both arrangement and composition. You can make adjustments yourself, supply or request a design, or take a gradual transition in moss colours. On request, we can also incorporate pieces of bulbous moss, branches, ferns or lichen in the moss panel.



In a modern room or a building with mostly hard materials such as stone and concrete, a wall in bark is ideal. We offer two types: 100% bark – a moss wall in a texture of your choice or a mix of bark and modern moss, also available in a gradual transition between several moss colours. When it can be green but has to look natural.

  • Acoustic panel
  • A rough and natural end result
  • Little or no height differences
  • Very tight alignment possible without frame
  • Bark muffles the sound
  • Available in different textures
  • Let nature in your home
  • Panels are non-flammable
  • Tailor-made design is perfectly possible 

Make each space attractive to visitors or residents by placing a bark wall. The contact with nature, the beautiful shapes and the rough, natural touch have a beneficial effect on our mood. Everyone feels better in a natural environment. Take a look here at some of our favourite realisations at various locations. More examples can be found in our projects. A barkboard can contrast with a reindeer moss but can also be applied on its own. You can use the wall as a notice board. 

Reindeer moss is available in 8 standard shades of green: Moss green, Forest green, Mid green, Grass green, Apple green, Mint green, Old green and Bright grass green. However, there are about twenty other colours available, even black, white and copper. For more colours, ask our representative for a colour card or some samples.