Stedelijk Lyceum Topsport

We installed the Olympic Motif in Moss at Stedelijk Lyceum Topsport, Antwerp.

The famous Olympics rings made from Moss and looking fantastic. The color palette that has been used and the natural softness of the moss works wonderfully well against the brushed concrete of this state of the art sports facility in Antwerp that trains the Olympians of the future. We also installed a moss frame and some circular moss panels to the office area to bring our signature touch of nature.


Tech specs:


  • Olympic motif, 2500  1500 mm, assembled from 5 rings or various shades or reindeer moss.
  • Three moss circles, different diameters, max 750 mm, min 250 mm. Natural, modern.
  • Moss frame. Modern moss, white wooden frame, 2500mx 500 mm.

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