Flrish Antwerpen

Totaalinrichting van een kantoor en opleidingscentrum te Antwerpen: Flrish. Combinatie van groenwand, mooie tropische beplanting, pottentuinen, miniatuurnatuur en ecosystemen, raamtuin en aquarium.

Totaalinrichting voor Ann en Herman, Flrsh Antwerpen


Flrish Manifesto

Both I and WE are part of what it means to be human.

WE without I didn’t work. And it’s now clear that I without We doesn’t work either.

Human and economic values no longer intersect.

At a time when machines, networks and invisible algorithms are redefining the way we perceive ourselves and the world, we need to find ways to reconnect a healthy I with a healthy WE.

This calls for real system creation, ethically employing technological innovations and persuasive models to build a new social and economic reality. Together.

Those who succeed in combining I and WE in tangible and purposeful ways, who can give meaning to both being unique and being connected, form the poles of attraction for attention, talent and resources.